The FluidSurveys API is a HTTP REST API which is accessed with Basic Authentication. You can browse and interact with the API in your browser by visiting this page, and signing in. By signing in, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. The following guides will help walk you through the various areas of the API.


The new API is fully browsable right in your web browser. Just visit the root in your favourite web browser and you will be able to click through the entire API, POST data directly from your browser and view the the actual HTTP responses.


  • connect via HTTPS
  • use HTTP Basic Authentication
  • replace with your custom domain (if applicable)
  • when authenticating from a program you wrote, generate a pre-emptive Authorization header by Base64 encoding “email:password”, “email:key”, or “key:password” & prepending “Basic ”.

Try authenticating at the root endpoint and you should get a result with all the other endpoints:

curl -u
{"surveys": "",
 "collectors": "",
 "contacts": "",
 "embeds": "",
 "contact-lists": "",
 "webhooks": ""}

Data Transfer

The FluidSurveys API will return a JSON response by default. If you wish to recieve a different format, simply append a format query paramter to your URI. Accepted formats are api, csv, json, jsonp, xml, soap, & yaml. The api format will return the HTML browsable interface.

When using jsonp, the callback function will default to “callback” if it is not specified. It is not recommended to utilize this format on public web pages because it will expose your credentials; web applications that require authentication are more likely to be secure, but we are not responsible for any issues that may arise from using jsonp.

curl -u
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <variable id="id">2</variable>
            <variable id="name">The Everything Survey</variable>
            <variable id="number_of_responses">0</variable>
            <variable id="survey_uri"></variable>
            <variable id="live">1</variable>
            <variable id="slug">the-everything-survey-v1</variable>
            <variable id="creator">jason</variable>
            <variable id="created_at">2014-02-27 12:55:41+00:00</variable>
            <variable id="updated_at">2014-02-27 12:55:41+00:00</variable>
            <variable id="deploy_url"></variable>
            <variable id="duplicate_uri"></variable>
            <variable id="send_invite_uri"></variable>
            <variable id="responses_uri"></variable>
            <variable id="survey_settings_uri"></variable>
            <variable id="survey_structure_uri"></variable>
            <variable id="collectors_uri"></variable>
            <variable id="invite_codes_uri"></variable>
            <variable id="groups_uri"></variable>
            <variable id="reports_uri"></variable>
            <variable id="csv_uri"></variable>
            <variable id="tags_uri"></variable>
            <variable id="versions_uri"></variable>
            <variable id="questions_uri"></variable>

When sending POST or PUT requests please ensure the Content-Type header matches the content in the body of your request. We accept both application/json and application/x-www-form-urlencoded as valid Content-Type headers.